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See the article Heads Up: Concussion In Youth Sports

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Youth sports coaches do not need experience, only the willingness and enthusiasm to coach. Kids and coaches alike should have fun. Coaching is a fulfilling aspect of any sport, especially youth sports. Call 847.850.2100 for more information.

There are thousands of boys and girls that participate in youth sports ever year in Buffalo Grove. One measure of success in these programs is the number of parents who volunteer as coaches and assistant coaches.

Unfortunately, many parents do not get involved because they feel a lack of knowledge about that particular sport. However, if they did get involved, even more kids could participate. We conduct park district programs on a "participation" philosophy. We feel it is more important for all youths to play and enjoy the sport, rather than to win at all costs. We never measure success in wins and losses. The park district conducts training sessions for all new coaches with ideas to get them started.

The Buffalo Grove Park District trains all of its youth sports coaches in clinics developed by the National Youths Sports Coaches Association (NYSCA). This nation-wide organization teaches parents that kids want to have fun and participate in all sports. In our fourth year of training, over 600 coaches have participated in sessions held prior to each sport season. Coaches are required to attend a lecture/video tape introduction, and then participate in hands-on sessions with qualified trainers. These sessions are designed for parents who have never coached, as well as the seasoned veteran. With more youths registering for sports, the need for volunteer coaches grows more each season. NYSCA training makes it easy for all parents to become a coach.

Bullying In Youth Sports
The Buffalo Grove Park District utilizes the National Youth Sports Coaches Association to provide volunteer coaches online training pertaining to bullying in youth sports by players and coaches.  The online training will provide coaches the necessary educational tools to intervene and work with athletes.  Coaches will also benefit by learning 3 types of bullying (physical, verbal and relational), there differences, and their warning signs.  For more information about NYSCA, visit their website at


Youth Sports Association

BGRA Baseball and Bills Football use Park District fields, but are independant associations and not Buffalo Grove Park District programs. For information on these programs, please visit their websites listed below.

BGRA Baseball
Bills Football




Gymnastics & Tumbling
Age: 2 - 9

A wonderful way to introduce your child to gymnastics. All classes are non-competitive, but each child is encouraged to set goals and follow through by achieving them. We can bring them from their first somersault to their first flip.

For more information, contact TJ Wilkes at 847.850.2199.


Ice Skating & Hockey


Twin Rinks Ice Pavilion offers a variety of Ice Skating and Hockey programs for children of all ages. If you are a beginner, Twin Rinks has the class for you! Beginners learn balance and basic forward skating skills, taught using the Ice Skating Institute program. Bring your own skates or rent a pair from us. No other equipment is needed for the beginner class, although helmets and/or kneepads are recommended.

Twin Rinks Ice Pavilion is located 1.7 miles north of Lake-Cook Road on Weiland at 1500 Abbott Court in Buffalo Grove. For more information or a list of all programs, please call 847.821.RINK.

For more information, contact TJ Wilkes at 847.850.2199.




Staff from the Heritage Tennis Club will offer instruction for summer classes at Emmerich and Willow Stream Parks.  Fall, winter and spring instruction will be offered indoors at the Heritage Tennis Club in Arlington Heights.  You do not have to be a resident of Arlington Heights or a member of the Heritage Tennis Club to participate in the indoor lesson program.  There are non-member fees so participants can try the program before deciding to join and receive the benefits of the club's membership.  For fall, winter and spring program and registration information contact the Heritage Tennis Club at 847.398.7780 or visit the website at  Heritage Tennis Club is located at 7 West College Drive in Arlington Heights.

Heritage Tennis Club

Rain Policy   
Classes will be cancelled due to inclement weather (rain or excessive heat).  If an individual class is cancelled more than once, the instructor will arrange for a make-up class.  If there is any doubt about the weather, please call their rain hotline at 847.574.2233, and press 17# for youth classes.  For youth make-up classes, press 26#.

Quick Start Tennis
Age: 4 - 10 years
Quick Start Tennis is designed for children 10 years and younger who are new to the game or need additional instruction to rally using ground strokes, volleys and serve. Quick Start Tennis takes a new approach to introducing kids to the game by using fun sized courts, nets, racquets and balls. The lighter low compression balls bounce lower, which helps develop proper techniques. All students are advised to purchase a 21 - 25 inch tennis racquet (typically 4 - 6 = 21", 7 - 8 = 23", 9 -10 = 25").

Junior Tennis
Age: 10 - 17 years
Junior Tennis is designed for players 10 and older who want to learn and improve their tennis game. Advanced Beginner classes will focus on improving all basic strokes, including forehand, backhand, volleys, serve, lobs and overheads. Our Advanced Beginner Intermediate classes are for those who are looking to get the most out of their game and are ready for match play.

Please note: This program does not run year-round.  Please check the seasonal program guide for availablitiy and scheduling.