Due to a power outage, the Alcott Center will be closed until Monday. The phone system is also down.  Email is the best way to get in touch with any staff member.


Aquatics Logo

Aquatics Program Contact:
Jenn Foreman, Aquatics Supervisor

Outdoor Facilities

Spray ‘N Play -  Tentatively opening in late summer

Willow Stream Pool  - Will not open in 2020

Click on each photo below for more information on pool hours, daily rates, pool passes and pool rules at Willow Stream Pool and Spray 'N Play. 

Indoor Facilities

Buffalo Grove High School Natatorium

Everyone entering the pool during a public swim period must have a current pool pass or pay the daily admission fee, even if you do not intend to swim.  The 3-meter diving board is for high school diving use only and will not be open to the public.  A complete set of rules and policies are available at the pool.  Also, please be aware that there may be open and lap swim cancellations due to swim meets or water polo games.  We will do our best to post these dates with advanced notice.

Closed until September 8.  Check the Rainout Line for updates.

Public Swim Hours

Lap SwimTuesday & Thursday6:30 - 7:30 pm
Open Swim/Lap SwimFriday7 - 9 pm


Daily Rates

Lap Swim$6 per person per use
Open Swim$6 per person per use


Purchasing Natatorium Pool Passes

Pool passes are available to Buffalo Grove Park District residents and nonresidents ages 3 years and older. Purchasing a pool pass is an economical way to enjoy the warm waters and fun activities at the Buffalo Grove High School pool. All passes require a photo of the pass holder and are issued at the Alcott Center during normal business hours.

If you are interested in annual pool passes, please stop by the Alcott Center to get registered.  If you are already a pool pass holder, you can upgrade.  At the time of upgrade, please bring in your pool pass so we can add your upgraded sticker to it.

Pool Pass Policies

  • Families may now add babysitters and nannies to their family pass.
  • Only the person whose name is on the pass may use the card. Passes may not transfer ownership.
  • A fee of $10 is charged to replace lost or stolen passes.
  • Pool passes must be present to enter the pool.  Patrons or families without a pool pass will be required to pay the daily admission fee.
Type Of MembershipResidentNonresidentR/NR Upgrade
Families of 2$120$160$90/$130
Families of 3$130$170$100/$140
Families of 4$140$180$110/$150
Families of 5$150$190$120/$160
Families of 6$160$200$130/$170

School Year Pool Pass Registration Form

School Year Upgrade Pool Pass Registration Form




Learn To Swim Program

Each swim time will be broken into different levels. It is not necessary for you to know your child's swim level. All children will be tested on the first day of class and will be placed in the appropriate level. All levels will be taught in each time frame. The first day of class will include testing for all participants and actual class time may vary from student to student. If you have any questions or concerns about our pool or our programs please ask the manager/coordinator on duty for clarification.