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Safety is our #1 priority in everything we do at the Buffalo Grove Park District.  We encourage everyone, participants and staff, to make sure conditions are safe when participating in our programs and events.  And, if at any time there is something that is causing the situation to not be safe, please bring it to our attention.  If you see something, say something.

Part Time Employee Safety Challenge

Positive Acts of Safety Award

The Positive Acts of Safety Award may be granted to any community member, Park District employee, or volunteer who demonstrates a safety mindset in relation to the Buffalo Grove Park District. This person is proactive in preventing accidents, injuries, or incidents to any person, place or property. This person takes initiative to solve problems, either before they happen, or during a safety-related incident. A safety mindset is of the utmost importance to this award winner.

Nominations can come from anyone and will be collected through the end of each month. The Park District’s Safety Committee will review all nominations at the following month’s meeting, and a winner will be selected. Should a nominee not be selected in any given month, that nominee may be rolled over into another month of the current year. If you see someone doing something that promotes safety, or prevents someone from possible injury, please fill out the form below to nominate them for the Positive Acts of Safety Award.

Positive Acts of Safety Award Nomination Form

Full-time Employee
Part-time Employee

Please note: We reserve the right to quote your response for use in Park District marketing materials such as the employee newsletter, program guide, website, social media, and other sources unless indicated otherwise.