Due to a power outage, the Alcott Center will be closed until Monday. The phone system is also down.  Email is the best way to get in touch with any staff member.


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Buffalo Grove Park District Mission Statement

Enriching life and community through premier parks, programs and facilities. -Adopted January 2013

Buffalo Grove Park District Values

• Build respect, integrity and trust
• Foster teamwork through communication and collaboration
• Demonstrate professionalism

• Promote staff development
• Follow best practices
• Provide quality experience through guest-centered services
• Exceed expectations
• Assure safety through comprehensive risk management program

• Demand fiscal responsibility to assure transparency
• Build green infrastructure
• Ensure resource efficiency
• Create and maintain effective partnerships
• Celebrate history

• Embrace cultural diversity
• Encourage inclusion
• Celebrate contributions of residents, Board, staff and volunteers

• Implement new technology
• Communicate a shared vision
• Recognize trends by being responsive and adaptive
• Inspire creativity