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Waste Management is a proud environmental partner of the Buffalo Grove Park District.


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Mission Statement

The Environmental Action Team of Buffalo Grove strives to raise awareness, improve our community’s natural environment and encourage sustainability practices for present and future generations.

Environmental Action Team

Buffalo Grove is in the center of Chicago Wilderness, an area surprisingly rich in diversity and native species.  Would you like to improve our local environment and meet other people with similar interests?

If so, join the Buffalo Grove Park District Environmental Action Team.  As our name implies, we are an action team, and we are looking for new ideas to improve the environment in Buffalo Grove.

If you have questions, please contact Jeff Weiss at environmental@bgpkr.org or 847.224.0965.

5 years of History by the Buffalo Grove Environmental Action Team (BGEAT)

Winter 2014
BGEAT processed native seeds collected in the fall to be planted in Mike Rylko Community Park in the spring.

Fall 2013 

BGEAT assisted in the Village’s annual electronics recycling and document destruction event.

BGEAT conducted a volunteer event to collect native seeds and provide them to the Park District and the Village for planting.

BGEAT conducted a road cleanup event for the Adopt-a-Highway program.

Summer 2013

BGEAT sponsored another successful Green Fair in June.  Green Fair is a community event that included demonstrations, education and collection of used bicycles, old crayons, used clothing and athletic shoes, batteries, small electronics, old keys and used eyeglasses.

BGEAT facilitated another recycling success story during Buffalo Grove Days.

Spring 2013
BGEAT members attended training with RiverWatch to collect samples of invertebrates to test the quality of the Buffalo Creek.

BGEAT had another successful rain barrel sale.

BGEAT conducted the first of 2 annual road cleanup events for the Adopt-a-Highway program.

Winter 2013
BGEAT cleaned native plant seeds and provided them to the Park District and Village for plantings.

Fall 2012
We were active in fall. Our projects included another successful electronics/paper recycling event, a road cleanup, and native seed collecting and cleaning. We are poised to carry momentum into 2013 to make our local environment healthier and more sustainable.

Debi, Moritz, a founding member of BG EAT, was honored as Champion of the Environment, by the Village of Buffalo Grove. Debi is also an active member of the Buffalo Creek Clean Water Partnership. Congratulations, Debi!

Summer 2012
The first Buffalo Grove Green Fair was a rousing success.  Hundreds of attendees visited 19 exhibitors who displayed a wide variety of environmentally friendly programs and services.

Spring 2012
The first meeting of the Buffalo Creek Clean Water Partnership attracted nearly 60 attendees.  Learn more at buffalocreekcleanwater.org.

BGEAT sponsored 3 volunteer events at Mike Rylko Community Park, supported by a grant from the Illinois EPA.  A group of nearly 30 Siemens employees pulled garlic mustard, planted wildflowers and cleaned up litter along the creek.  Two Scout troops also pulled garlic mustard and EAT members planted more wildflowers in order to increase biodiversity at our Village's largest park.

BGEAT helped initiate, plan and promote the successful campaign for energy aggregation. We are proud to report that 100% of the energy purchased under this program comes from green energy sources.

BGEAT helped create the Lost Prairie exhibit at Raupp Museum.

Winter 2011-12
Steve White, founding member of BGEAT, was named the first Champion of the Environment by the Village of Buffalo Grove.

BGEAT was embraced as a partner in the Village of Buffalo Grove Environmental Plan.  We are working with the Village and Park District on a range of activities.
     - Planning a Greenfest in conjunction with the Buffalo Grove Farmers Market for June.
     - Launching a new watershed management group, the Buffalo Creek Clean Water
       Partnership, BuffaloCreekCleanWater.org
     - Planning an exhibit at the Raupp Museum called The Lost Prairie.
     - Promoting energy conservation and use of alternative energy in our community.
     - Selling rain barrels to promote wise water usage.
     - Investigating options for community composting and other ideas to reduce, reuse and recycle.
     - We received our first grant for stream cleanup at Mike Rylko Community Park, where we plan to
       continue to restore natural areas.

Fall 2011
Recycling at Buffalo Grove Days becomes a reality!  The Village and Buffalo Grove Days committee implement a successful solution to promote recycling by attaching recycling bins to the waste toters, making the recycling option obvious to guests and simple for cleanup crews.
     - Another successful electronics recycling event at a new location.
     - Road cleanup becomes quick and easy due to prior removal of larger trash items

Summer 2011
This year’s bicycle drive raised nearly 100 bikes for Working Bikes Cooperative.
     - BGEAT continued to make new friends at the Farmers Market, National Night Out and BG Days.

Spring 2011
     - BGEAT sponsored several workdays at Mike Rylko Community Park to remove brush, clean up
       stream banks and plant hundreds of native plants in the woodlands and wetlands.

Winter 2010/11
We met Village officials at the Waste Management recycling facility in Grayslake and got insight on our local recycling and landfill issues.  Remove caps before recycling bottles and when in doubt, recycle.

Fall 2010
We had our busiest month by far in October! We sponsored 4 events.
     - Bike Event for the Global Work Party on 10/10/10 inspired by 350.org. A range of exhibits plus 60
       bikes donated to Working Bikes Cooperative highlighted what we can do to reduce greenhouse
       gases and get fit.
     - Electronics recycling at Siemens. 45-50,000 pounds of hardware was collected on a rainy Saturday.
       Based on this success, Siemens will host similar events in the future.
     - Adopt-A-Highway road cleanup. Deerfield Road is once again an attractive roadway that highlights
       our local environment.
     - Habitat restoration. We planted several trays of prairie plants in our adopted area near the Buffalo
       Grove Fitness Center. More work is planned for spring, 2011.

Summer 2010
We organized festival-wide recycling initiative at Buffalo Grove Days. We are pleased to report that 2 dumpsters of recycled cans, bottles, and paper were collected. The Environmental Action Team is committed to having an even greater impact at the 2011 BG Days.
     - BGEAT submitted a position paper in support of proposed work to be done to improve water quality
       and habitat along Aspen Creek and at the Buffalo Creek Nature Preserve. Environmental Action
       Team members came out in force at the public meeting to present our position paper and offer
       assistance to the Village.
     - We exhibited at the inaugural Buffalo Grove Farmers Market and National Night Out. Jeff Weiss was
       presented the 2010 Best Friend award by the Friends of the Parks Foundation on behalf of the
       Environmental Action Team.

Spring 2010
Two workdays were held at Mike Rylko Community Park, where we removed invasive plants and installed native plant plugs in the swale south of the Buffalo Grove Fitness Center.

We launched our Adopt-A-Highway program. We gather twice a year to clean up a designated section of Deerfield Parkway.

Winter 2009/10
BGEAT’s holiday pot luck dinner, hosted by Susan Levy, has become a winter tradition.

Fall 2009
Steve White conducted an energy audit of the lighting at the Alcott Center. A subsequent Smart Energy Design Assistance Center (SEDAC) review confirmed Steve’s findings and found other energy savings opportunities at the Alcott Center.  New lighting was implemented at some Buffalo Grove Park District facilities, resulting in significant energy reduction and savings.

September 2009
The first Environmental Action Team informational booth at BG Days. We collected recyclables at our booth.

June 2009
Thirty volunteers came out for our first workday at Busch Grove Community Park (now Mike Rylko Community Park). We removed brush and garlic mustard in the woodland across from the Buffalo Grove Fitness Center, and planted plugs of native plants. Members were filmed and interviewed for the video submitted by the Park District as part of their application for the National Recreation and Park Association Gold Medal Award.

April 25, 2009
Electronics recycling event. We recruited more than 20 volunteers and collected 5 tons of computers and peripherals. A group of disabled youth collected cell phones and game consoles for resale on eBay. We also had table exhibits about rain barrels and community-supported agriculture.

February 19, 2009
The first meeting of the Buffalo Grove Environmental Action Team. We brainstormed 12 projects to work on, and started planning our first project, an electronics recycling event.

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