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Buffalo Grove Park District Behavior Policy

Part of the Mission of the Buffalo Grove Park District is to provide safe and wholesome programs, parks and facilities for our residents and guests. The Behavior Policy has been established to help fulfill this mission. We ask all staff, volunteers*, participants and spectators to help us in our effort to provide the best possible environment to enjoy our recreation activities.

Questions about this policy and the disciplinary procedure should be directed to the Director of Recreation and Facilities, or to the Superintendent of Recreation at 847.850.2100.

I. Equal Access

Program participants, facility guests, and spectators shall not be denied equal access to programs, activities, services or benefits, or be limited in exercise of any right, privilege, advantage or opportunity on the basis of race, sex, creed, national origin or disability.

II. Behavior

Participants, spectators and staff are expected to exhibit appropriate behavior at all times. The following guidelines have been developed to help make Park District programs safe and enjoyable for everyone involved. Additional rules may be developed for particular programs and athletic leagues as deemed necessary by staff.

Participants, spectators, facility guests and staff shall:

1. Show respect to all participants, spectators, facility guests and staff. They shall also be expected to take appropriate direction from staff.

2. Refrain from using abusive or foul language.

3. Refrain from causing bodily harm to self, other participants, spectators, facility guests or staff.

4. Show respect for equipment, supplies and facilities.

5. Follow all Park District ordinances, facility rules and school rules. These include and are not limited to rules regarding smoking, alcohol, bringing in refreshments into facilities, etc.

6. Not engage in any gang related activities including the display or possession of gang related symbols, the use of hand signals, soliciting membership, intimidating or threatening behavior, wearing or displaying any gang colors or clothing identified with gang activities, etc.

III. Discipline

The Park District applies a caring and positive approach in maintaining appropriate behavior at programs and facilities. Therefore, staff will apply a positive approach to discipline. Staff will periodically review rules with participants, spectators and facility guests during the program session. If inappropriate behavior occurs, prompt resolution will be sought specific to each individual situation as per the attached Guidelines. The Executive Director or the Director of Recreation and Facilities reserves the right to combine or delete any of the guidelines which, in their sole judgement, is necessary in order to insure safety and abate any nuisance.

IV. Procedure

Upon registration or entry into the program, the parent/guardian should notify the Park District of any special accommodations needed. For example, if the registration form asks, “Please describe any accommodation needed for the participant’s enjoyment of this program,” and the parent indicates, “Positive role models for behavior,” or similar response, the parent should be contacted for information about any behavior modification programs in place at school or home. Park District personnel will make reasonable attempts to utilize these accommodations in the program.

Disciplinary action guidelines for program participants, spectators and facility guests

If a program participant, spectator or guest exhibits inappropriate behavior, the following guidelines should be followed:

1. Program leaders and facility supervisors should determine the severity of the action and immediately take steps to correct it. These may include:

a. Verbal warning
b. Supervised time out (1 - 5 minutes) from the program. Type of time-outs may vary according to situation.
Observational - from sidelines of the activity
Exclusion - away from group, but within view
Seclusion - time out away from program area with staff member present
c. Physical restraint is not recommended at any time. If there is a significant concern for the safety of participants, spectators or staff, police dispatch should be called immediately.

2. Any conduct report should be given to the full-time supervisor within 1 working day of the incident. Any incident requiring police intervention must be immediately reported to the Superintendent of Recreation or Director of Recreation and Facilities.

3. Upon review of the Conduct Report, the Recreation Supervisor or Program Specialist responsible for the program will contact the parent or individual to discuss the incident. Staff will review our Behavior Guidelines with the parent or individual at that time.

4. If not already being utilized, a behavior modification program should be developed and implemented. Those involved in this process may include, but not be limited to, Park District staff, special recreation staff, parent/guardian, school personnel, and other support professionals. The behavior modification program should be monitored and revised as needed.

5. Communication between staff (program leader, supervisory staff and special recreation staff) and the parent or participant should be ongoing. Further incidents of inappropriate behavior should be properly reported and documented.

6. Other related professionals (teachers, social workers, psychologists, etc.) may be consulted for suggestions.

7. If inappropriate behavior continues, removal from the program, park or facility may be necessary. Other options may include:

a. Transfer to another program, time slot, or group
where inappropriate behavior is less likely to occur.
b. Limited/reduced time that the participant or individual is
allowed to attend the program or visit the park or facility.
c. If a “late charge” procedure exists, an additional charge
for staff overtime will be assessed if the participant is
detained beyond normal program hours.
d. Suspension from program, park or facility for a designated time period.
e. Extended or permanent removal from program or facility may be undertaken; however, before such action is taken, the Recreation Supervisor/Specialist and the Superintendent
of Recreation will prepare appropriate documentation. Their recommendations will be presented to the Director of Recreation and Facilities prior to program suspension
or removal from program of facility. In extreme cases, the Director of Recreation and Facilities will review these materials with the Park District Attorney and/or the Executive Director.

8. Appeals by the participant and/or his or her parent/guardian may be directed to the Director of Recreation and Facilities. The Director of Recreation and Facilities and the Executive Director of the Park District will jointly consider any appeals.