Due to a power outage, the Alcott Center will be closed until Monday. The phone system is also down.  Email is the best way to get in touch with any staff member.

Fitness Center Reopening Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to the most common questions that we have received.

Q: With the reservation system found on the website at bgfitness.org, how far in advance can someone reserve a work out time?
A: Reservations are required for the Fitness Center, and must be made on the website at least 30 minutes to 3 days in advance of your work out time.

Q: If I want to work out in both cardio and weight lifting areas, do I need to make 2 reservations?
A: No, you only need one reservation to the area that you plan to spend the most time in.

Q: I don’t feel ready to come into the facility for classes, but I want to continue the online class option. How long will these classes continue?
A: Zoom classes are gong to remain an option for the foreseeable future, and may become permanent. Decisions on this will be made as we continue into Phase 5. In-person classes at the facility will not start until August at the earliest.

Q: I do not feel ready to come into the Fitness Center at this time. How do I avoid my membership being reactivated?
A: Send an email to fcbilling@bgparks.org by July 31, and this will be taken care of for you. If you are ready to come back prior to phase 5, all you need to do is let us know by emailing the same address.

Q: I want to continue training, but want to put my membership on hold.
A: You can do this. We will continue to pull training tickets as we did before the shut down. We will pull them for you, and credit the trainer appropriately.

Q: Are both virtual and in-person outdoor classes included with membership?
A: Yes. You will no longer need to pay for any of the virtual classes if your membership is reactivated.

Q: I paid for the virtual unlimited pass and have decided to reactivate my membership. How do I get credited for the pass?
A: We will apply the amount you paid to your membership dues.

Q: How do I freeze my membership?
A: Freezes can be continued for free by sending an email to fcbilling@bgparks.org. We are not putting a time limit on the duration of these until we reach Phase 5.

Q: How long do I have to decide whether or not I want to continue my freeze?
A: To avoid being charged for membership in August, if you wish to remain on a freeze, you must email us by July 31 at fcbilling@bgparks.org.

Q: If the locker rooms are closed, will there be any place for members to securely keep their personal items? 
A: We are asking members to only bring their water bottle, a towel if they need one, and their keys into the facility. There will be no place to secure belongings until we open the locker rooms back up.

Q: Is it possible to freeze my membership for part of phase 4, for example, through September? 
A: All memberships freeze extensions will be suspended until phase 5.  If you would like to come off a freeze early, please contact us at fcbilling@bgparks.org and we will help you reactivate your account earlier.

Q: What if you unfreeze your membership for phase 4, and discover that you can't get in due to high demand and/or conflicts in your schedule? Are you able to freeze your membership in the middle of phase 4?
A: Yes, we will be liberal with this practice, probably for several months, if not longer. It all depends on whether or not the state moves into phase 5, or if potentially we go back the phase 3.

Q: Will you be having live yoga and Pilates classes in their respective studios? Will you be having live strength classes in the Group X studio?  
A: In August, we will continue to have outdoor classes and will start limited indoor classes.

Q: Do I need to register in August for virtual classes if I registered for them in July?
A: Yes. The link to the Zoom app is only good for the month it is assigned to.